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Rakernas Peradi

Prof. Dr. Otto Hasibuan, S.H., M.M. is the Founder and Managing Partner of Otto
Hasibuan & Associates, which was established in 1986 and is currently one of the
most prominent law offices in Indonesia. He frequently handles high-profile cases in
Indonesia, particularly domestic and international litigation matters.

As an Advocate, Otto has had extensive dispute resolution experiences throughout
his career. He has represented multinational companies and state-owned enterprises
in negotiation, mediation, as well as complex domestic and cross-border litigation
matters. He has also advised national and international entities on state
administrative and commercial dispute resolution matters. Known as one of the most
influential Indonesia’s litigtor, He also often testifies as an expert before the
Indonesian courts and International arbitration bodies.

Otto graduated from Faculty of Law University of Gajah Mada Yogyakarta (Sarjana
Hukum/Bachelor of Law) in 1981 and earned his Doctor of Law degree in 2006 with
a cum laude honor. Further, He took comparative law courses at University of
Technology Sydney, Australia in 1990 and obtained his Magister of Management
from IPWI, Jakarta 1998. As renowned scholar and partiticioner in Indonesia’s
legal industry, Otto was granted an Honorary Professor degree from University of
Jayabaya, Jakarta in 2015.

Otto has been an active member of the International Bar Association since 1985.
Domestically, He is also a significant organizational figure. Otto was the president of
the Indonesian Bar Association (IKADIN)
for two terms in 2003 2015. In parallel,
he was also the president of the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) for two
terms in 2004 2015. He now sits as the Chairman of the National Advisory Board
of PERADI and also the Chairman of the Alumni Society of Faculty of Law University
of Gajah Mada (KAHGAMA). In the public sector, Otto was a member of the
Indonesian Penal Code Drafters and was also appointed as the Chief Legal Advisor of Indonesia’s
Coordinating Minister for Maritime affairs.

In addition to his professional life, Otto is a lecturer at University of Gajah Mada,
University of Jayabaya, and also PERADI legal education program

Following the completion of the controversial “Jessica” cynade murder case, in which
He was the defence counsel, Otto was named as Indonesia’s Phenomenal Figure in
2016 by RCTI, the largest national TV station. Otto managed to handle public
pressure and trial by press and successfully turned public opinion and put the client
off of capital punishment. The case was continuously broadcasted live by numerous
national and foreign TV stations throughout the whole proceedings.